Best UK Christmas Adverts 2016

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In first place, TKMaxx

TKMaxx is the unexpected winner of Christmas 2016 adverts. Using the surprise effect its acapella starting with a gurgling grandmum stands out from the rest. It was created by Wieden+Kennedy London and directed by Andreas Nilsson.

In second place, Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer's advert is based on a family issue with the son in a family writing to Mrs Claus (instead of Santa) asking for a bit of help because he was naughty to his sister but keen to amend his mistake. The advert is well shot and looks up to date but is using a well-established narrative which feels a tad old and too well rehearsed.


In third place, John Lewis

John Lewis created the Christmas advert single-handedly, but are now becoming a victim of its own successes. Its latest advert features Buster the Boxer dog jealously looking out from inside a house. It has already spawned a number of remakes and spoofs (search Youtube and you will find them).

The company wanted to move away from "Sadvertising" (adverts with a sad ending) and came up with this instead. Production of the advert is rumoured to have cost about £1 million.

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